1. help, assist, bestead, accommodate, oblige, abet, befriend; contribute, join in, Inf. pitch in, Inf. chip in, lend a hand, lend oneself to, play or do one's part, boost, give a boost to, give a lift to; (all usually negative) lift a finger, lift a hand, raise a finger, raise a hand; (all usually followed by with) collaborate, cooperate, conspire, connive, coact, combine, join, unite, synergize, side, go or go along, team up, take part, join forces, Inf. hitch horses.
2. support, back, second, uphold, maintain, sustain, endorse, smile upon, Inf. go to bat for, Inf. stick up for, Inf. stick by, stand by; promote, further, advance, forward, advocate, cultivate, favor.
3. facilitate, ease, make easier, expedite, cut through red tape; speed, speed up, accelerate, hasten, quicken; intercede, pave the way, clear the way, open the way, run interference for, Fig. block for; disburden, disencumber, rid, disembarrass, deobstruct, lighten the load; bolster, elevate, prop up, enhance, tide over, put on one's feet, set up, set going.
4. meliorate, ameliorate, improve, better, profit, prosper, benefit, avail, advantage; subserve, stand in good stead, be useful or profitable to, Inf. come in handy; relieve, alleviate, mitigate, palliate, salve; comfort, sooth, solace, console, succor.
5. help, assistance, benefit, avail; service, subvention, use, utility; facilitation, helping hand, lift, boost; relief, succor, protection, care, friendship; support, patronage, championship, backing, promotion, advocacy, countenance, upholding, sustenance, favor, blessing, grace, sponsorship, auspices or auspice, good offices, kind regard; fosterage, furtherance, advancement, advance, advantage, welfare; maintenance, ministry, ministration, restoration.
6. gift, subsidy, contribution, donation; kindness, beneficence, benevolence, benefaction, humanitarian-ism, altruism, philanthropy, charity, almsgiving; alms, dole, handout, allowance.
7. helper, aider, assistant, attendant, subsidiary, adjutant, coadjutant, coadjutor, coadjutress or coad-jutrix,- adjunct, adjuvant, adjutator, Obs. adjutor; acolyte, deputy, auxilliary, ancilla; second, man Friday, gal Friday, henchman, right hand, right-hand man, Sl. gopher; nurse's aid or aide, paramedic, orderly, paraprofessional, paralegal; partner, ally, comrade, colleague, associate, consociate; companion, helpmate, helpmeet, yokefellow or yokemate, Obs. helpfel-low; co-worker, co-aid, co-partner, consort, confrere, sidekick, crony, Inf. buddy, Chiefly Brit. mate; satellite, sycophant, toady, yes-man, parasite; cooper-ator, collaborator, contributor, participant, participator; confederate, conniver, abettor, accomplice, accessory or Chiefly Law. accessary, Law. principal, Law. accessory before or after the fact, Law. particeps criminis, Sl. gun moll or moll, partner in crime.
8. supporter, advocate, adviser, patron, patronizer; sympathizer, backer, champion, endorser, upholder, sanctioner, approver; follower, partisan, disciple, adherent, devotee, sectary, votary; agent, promoter, furtherer, advancer, favorer; subsidizer, underwriter, financier, funder, angel, Inf. staker, Inf. grubstaker, Sl. meal ticket; maintainer, sustainer, benefactor, benefactress, benefiter, Inf. fairy godmother, sugar daddy; comforter, succorer, good Samaritan, ministering angel, friend in need.

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